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Andrea Ventucci Fact Sheet by skindral
Andrea Ventucci Fact Sheet
Here is Andrea, for the third entry in the Fact Sheet series! Again done by :iconmuad3d: whom I can't thank enough for doing these! Our resident scientist is ready to answer any questions you might leave in the comment section--if she doesn't misplace them that is :)
There are two more Fact Sheets to come--Erin's is set to appear as soon as the current story arc is complete, and there's one mystery girl left we haven't even met yet to complete the team!
Sasha Hall Fact Sheet by skindral
Sasha Hall Fact Sheet
Second in the Fact Sheet series, it's Sasha the Gymnast! Again thanks to :iconmuad3d: for putting these together :D You're awesome pal! By the way Sasha is open to questions so leave a comment here if there's anything you want to know!
Leena Adams AKA Fleximatrix Fact Sheet by skindral
Leena Adams AKA Fleximatrix Fact Sheet
This, is the first in an ongoing series of fact sheets introducing the main girls from my stories. Starting with Fleximatrix the Half Toon Super Heroine.

Thank you so much :iconmuad3d: for your amazing take on Leena and for putting this together!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
The street was packed with people.. there were food trucks ferris wheels and taffy stands as an armored car slowly made it's way through the masses and stopped in front of the bank. Leena got out of the car in front of two security guards hauling a heavy strong box full of money. She turned her head 180 degrees to face them, an annoyed expression on her face. "I love Guthrieville City Fair as much as the next guy but, remind me again why did you schedule the transfer for today with all the noise and hubbub in town? It's not safe I'm telling you!" The guards shrugged in unison "It's just our job you know? We do as we're told. I guess they thought the delivery would be harder to get to with all those people around." Leena snorted, turning her head back and surveying the side walk. She had been asked to help safe guard this much needed cash delivery so, despite the circumstances she would try and do that as best she could.

She helped the guards out of the car as they lifted the box filled to the brim with freshly printed bank notes out of the trunk. One of them was Leah, an old friend of hers from high school who'd asked for her assistance. Leena was decked out in her full Fleximatrix uniform and, she had a hard time making out her friend's face behind that protective mask. She was sure tho that Leah was jealous of her light and airy outfit. Her pink elastic suit helped her keep cool on this hot and crowded summer day. As she surveyed the surrounding area she noticed an elderly lady swatting at something. As the super heroine looked closer she noticed she was being assaulted.. by a disembodied floating hand? It seemed to be going for her hand bag trying to pull it away from her but, the old woman was doing her best to hold on.

Leah signaled the guards to hold on as, with a single leap she was beside the old lady and, with a well aimed grab snatched the hand out of the air. It was still wriggling as she tried to get a better look at it. It seemed to be a young woman's hand about Leena's age.. well groomed and seemingly belonging to an athletic body.. but, ending at the wrist. A smooth layer of skin sealed off the hand where it should be attached to an arm. It was still trying to get away so, Leena tucked it tightly under her arm as the old lady reached out to shake her hand and thank her. What she didn't notice was the big black helicopter hovering just out of earshot above the bank. A split second later she could hear the guards shouting and waving their arms about as the heavy safe box containing the money delivery was lifted up by it's handle and carried away by another floating hand--while Leena was dealing with what seemed to be a left hand trying to keep it in check its counterpart had seized the opportunity to go for the money delivery. Without Leena's super human abilities to protect it the disembodied hand seemed to be having an easy time lifting it out of the guards's reach displaying surprising strength in the process.

"Playing the old distraction game are we?" Leena shouted out in frustration letting go of the other hand which just seemed to float away and join the one hauling the money. As she studied their flight path she finally noticed the helicopter that seemed to be their destination. "Looks like I'm going up.." She sighed shooting the guards an annoyed look. "Do I have to baby sit you at all times?" She asked but, really she seemed more disappointed with herself than anyone else. "Stay put okay? I got this!" She shouted then considered her options "So how do I get up there?"

Hovering several hundred feet above her there was no way she could leap that even given her rubber like physique. Then she saw a man on stilts by the street corner giving out balloon animals. He used a big blue helium tank to blow them up then put them on strings and handed them out to kids walking past. She frowned at the thought but, there seemed to be no other way! Leah walked up to her putting a hand on her shoulder and pointing at the hose coming out of the aluminum tube. "Please Fleximatrix you have to go! Look the helicopter is about to leave!" She lifted her gaze to see and, indeed as the box had almost reached its destination the helicopter was turning around getting ready to fly off! Leah put her other hand on Leena's wide hips reaching all the way around her tiny waist gripping her tightly and pulling her close. She whispered. "I know you can do it Flexi.. if you can't get that money back it's my job on the line!" Leena pushed her away angrily. "Well it was you who messed up! Now let go of me and I'll see what I can do." Leena was getting more and more angrier.. whoever was behind that theft really had it coming for pissing her off!

She wordlessly walked up to the balloon guy and grabbed the hose. "Hey.." he was about to shout at her but then realized who he was talking to. "Oh it's you Fleximatrix.. please help yourself. I'm sure what ever you're doing is going to save countless lives!" She tilted her head a little and looked at him. "Yeah that's exactly what I'm doing! Saving lives..right.. just let me do my job okay?" With an irritated look on her face she shoved the end of the hose into her mouth and closed her full lips tightly around it carefully opening the valve. She could feel air stream inside her and spreading inside her body.. seconds later she could feel herself starting to expand.

Her cleavage responded right away slowly filling up even bigger than her impressive default size. She drew a circle in the air around her signaling people to step away from her as she was about to take up alot more space! Her butt started getting bigger as well inflating at a similar rate as her chest. As the pressure kept building inside her she felt about to burst.. it felt like a truck running over her insides. She hated that feeling.. and, as she got bigger and bigger her fear of bursting grew as well! She tried to keep still listening to the hiss of the helium can for a couple of seconds then looked up as the helicopter slowly started to move! "This is going way too slow.. I'll need to get alot more air inside of me fast!" She had no choice.. the toon girl cranked up the valve to it's highest setting and inhaled deeply to get even more helium out of the hose.

Suddenly and with a toonish bouncing sound she ballooned out massively! Her boobs and butts both got so big they touched the ground in front and behind her while her waist stayed the same tiny size she was famous for. She felt like she was turning inside out as massive amounts of air rushed inside her within the space of a split second. Her arms and legs jolted outwards as her skin was pulled tight by the increased surface of her rapidly expanding globes almost giving her whip lash. A couple of moments later she was filled to the brim and, struggled to stop the flow before it was too late. Running out of room the air rushing inside Leena's body started to collect inside her lips inflating them bigger and bigger as well.. she had to reach out alot farther to pull the hose back out as she lost contact with the ground. As she floated up higher and higher her outline resembled a bundle of four balloons as, each of her breasts and butt cheeks was a several feet in diameter now connected only by her tiny waist. The extra air inside her lips she could at least use to maneuver she thought.

She reached up to push her massive chest blocking her view out of the way as she craned her neck to look behind her. In the corner of her eye she could make out the helicopter flying away from her! So she squeezed her lips tightly letting the air trapped inside them rush out and blowing her into the right direction faster and faster.

Catching up fast she maneuvered carefully to avoid the helicopter blades as she was closing in. She came in from below and, whoever was flying that thing didn't seem to have noticed her yet. She clung to it's wheels reaching out to push the door open. As much as it was bothering her the helium inside her might prove useful yet so, she kept herself from breathing out too forcefully as her inflated globes gently bounced off the smooth metal hull again and again making it even harder for her to hold on.

Clenching her teeth and struggling against the strong winds from ahead and above Leena finally managed to open the door squeezing inside. She'd lost enough air by this point to barely keep herself from floating up so, as her feet touched the ground she stood up tall to appear bulkier and more menacing using her inflated form to maximum effect. She was way too large for the helicopter's cramped interior so, she shoved her massively inflated form from the cargo bay into the cockpit with some effort confronting the pilot.

Leena found herself facing an unusual sight. Sitting in the pilot's chair, was a young lady's torso.. with her hands and head hovering around it pushing buttons and checking displays. She seemed to have no arms or legs yet her feet were placed just below the chair as if connected to her hips with invisible limbs. Her head turned to face Leena and floated up to her. Her long blonde hair trailed behind her as her piercing green eyes fixated on Leena--she seemed unimpressed by her increased size. "It's not my fault you and your crew can't take care of the one thing you were supposed to what are you going to try and stop me from keeping the money? Clarissa's the name by the way." Her right hand floated up to Leena's perplexed form who sort of froze in the door frame trying to process the impossible looking girl who had apparently taken the money.

Having just wanted to shake her hand Clarissa seized the opportunity and wasted no time grabbing Leena's paralyzed form by her tiny waist and pushing her right back out again. Her head floated along to keep an eye on the super heroine.. she was surprised at how light Flexi's huge body turned out to be. "Good bye sweet heart.. sorry I don't have much time to talk.. got to focus on flying this thing." She said with a malicious grin on her face. Seconds later she threw her out the door. At the same time Leena regained her momentum and, acting fast extended her arms and legs wedging herself into the four corners of the hatch. Clarissa pushed harder forcing Leena's four massive globes out the door but, she wouldn't let go so her limbs stretched longer and longer as the blonde thief, with a determined look on her face let her hand glide farther and farther out of the helicopter pulling Leena's limbs like taffy.

The super heroine tried her best to hold on but, the mysterious lady was relentless as well as turning out to be incredibly strong! "Can't.. stretch.. any.. longer" She panted then she let go. She pulled her feet in first then let go with her hands causing her to shoot upward with a snap like a loosened rubber band. Narrowly missing the rotating blade she found herself floating just above the helicopter. Her analytical eye, quickly found another weakness she might be able to exploit. As she went down again she used some of the left over air inside her to steer toward a tiny lid on the back of the vessel.. as she lost air she found herself falling more and more quicker.

The tail section hit her right between the legs smashing into her wide thigh gap with a clang. Leena cursed but managed to keep her balance slinging her soft legs around the cold metal to hold on. She reached out for the gas cap and opened it revealing a hose. "This perp, is going down whatever the cost!" She shouted angrily pulling hard but, to no avail. Not even a drop of fuel came out. She sighed and wrapped her arms around her pushing out what ever air was left inside her and slowly returning to her original size. Looking down she could see the suburbs whiz by.. they would be out in the country soon so she didn't have to worry about hitting anyone if she brought down this thing. She sighed at the thought of what she was about to do. "As if filling up with air wasn't enough.."

She bent forward and wrapped her lips around the hose then she sucked as if it was a giant straw. Slowly but surely she could feel the fuel make it's way from the tank inside her. Once again her body expanded as it started to collect in her butt. "At least I'll be seated softer that way.. this steel rod I'm sitting on, is starting to get uncomfortable" She thought as gallons of fuel were starting to shoot inside her. As she guzzled the contents of the fuel tank she could see Clarissa's torso approaching in the corner of her eye. Fighting against the high winds it slammed into her trying to push her off but, as she got heavier and heavier Leena wedged herself in until she completely emptied the tank. Again her body was inflated to the brim but, the fuel inside her made her feel alot less puffy and more plump as she could feel the liquid slosh around. Clarissa's floating feet tried to sneak up from both sides but, by now she had come to expect the lady thief's attack pattern so as soon as the tank was empty she pushed the torso away, dodging Clarissa's feet as they kicked at her. The toon heroine swung herself back in through the door grabbed the strong box and dropped out of the helicopter.

Plummeting down she was alot less floaty than before so, she hit the ground hard with a soft splat getting smushed into a blotch on a street. The money box landed on top of her bouncing off gently and leaving a dent in her inflated butt. She picked herself up and, looking to the sky she saw the helicopter drop fast. A flock of silhouettes, Clarissa seemed to be floating out and escaping just in time before it hit the ground and exploded. "This lady won't be back any time soon" Leena thought a satisfied smile on her face..she had no idea how wrong she was. As she tried to take a step back towards the city however she found herself way too heavy to move at an acceptable speed. "Can't dump all that gasoline in the middle of nowhere can I?" She sighed waiting by the side of the road for a truck to pick her massive form up and take her home.

A couple of hours later. There was a knock on the door. Erin the Irish red head almost tripped as she darted out of the kitchen to look who it was. "Leena--I mean.. Fleximatrix!" She shouted happily almost giving away her friend's true identity. Leena was still wearing her skin tight pink suit covered in grime and fuel stains. She was panting and, her chest seemed lopsided with one of her boobs being alot bigger than the other. She must have noticed her friend staring as she immediately addressed it "You see Erin.. I've got some air plane fuel to get rid of. This," she pointed at her smaller breast "is what went into my car. Makes it go like rocket fuel! You can have as much as your tank can take!" Erin grinned showing her the way. "I think I have a much better use for this.. by the way you know Leena" She whispered in her ear. "I can think of a thousand less contrived ways for you to get close to me. Still.. thanks for coming."
Fleximatrix: High Stakes
This was done as a request for :iconbill930505: Fleximatrix has think of creative ways to use her toon powers as she tries to catch a new villainess!


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