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On her nightly patrols of the Guthrieville roof tops Leena the Toon Super Heroine known as Fleximatrix tended to be all alone save for the occasional secretive couple or lost kitten as she leaped from building to building surveying the streets below. This night however she felt someone watching her from above. She turned around mid leap to see a shadow flash by in the corner of her eye, barely having time to brace for the impact as a claw studded hand swept her out of the air sending her flying toward the spire of a nearby sky scraper.

Her soft body deformed slightly as she bounced off the metal rod and plummeted to the ground. "Hey not funny--wait a minute how did you even get up here?" She shouted in the general direction of the attacker even having dropped several stories by now. She showed no signs of panic just surprise knowing that a fall like that wouldn't harm her.

Leena expertly spun around mid air positioning herself carefully for the impending impact. She slung her arms around her shapely legs pulling them close to her face in an awesome display of flexibility and, rotated herself so she landed butt first. Her bubble butt was toonishly squished by the weight of her own body upon impact and, one moment later expanded back out with a bouncing sound sending her right back up where she came from. Pulling off awesome maneuvers like this was what she liked most about her job as a half toon super heroine. She grinned with a playful spark in her eyes as she was propelled back up and elegantly landed close to where she was attacked a couple dozen floors above, moving as silently as she could in order to not alert the attacker to her presence.

As the toon girl looked around she was able to make out a shadowy figure perched on the edge of the building. The moon light revealed a pale curvy figure clad in fish nets with long hair adorning a half shaven head. Her red eyes glowed menacingly in the dark but, she was looking away from Leena so she felt safe in her approach.

The elastic heroine quietly sneaked up on the mysterious woman. She lifted her arm high behind her back and, in a throwing motion wrapped it around the figure's waist. Her arm stretched out like taffy as it coiled up around the figure tying her up tightly. With her other arm Leena spun her attacker around to face her. Every muscle of her soft body tensed up making her appear taller and stronger than she really was "I am Fleximatrix! Explain yourself! Who are you and why did you attack me like that?"

She was looking into the angry red eyes of a young woman wearing dark lip stick and snowflake ear rings. She snarled and hissed at Leena revealing a pair of pointy vampiric teeth. Leena stopped short for a moment. "Vampires--in my town? No way I'm going to allow that.."

Then, suddenly the vampire girl's muscles bulged as she gathered an incredible amount of strength and broke free from Leena's rubbery grip. Her limp elongated arm flailing wildly she was struggling not to fall off the edge again as she tried to regain her posture.

The vampire took up position at a safe distance and spoke with disdain in her husky voice. "My name is Verity.. and I'm sick of this city being protected. I have a right to survive and live here just like everyone else, and you're standing between me and my food!"

She charged at Leena her long finger nails extended, a mad grin on her face. Leena's hair flared up pink as she went into an exaggerated battle stance. "I am sworn to protect these people--don't even think about touching them or prepare for a kick in the teeth!"

Verity charged her with the power of a raging bull about to hit her square in the chest. Her long pointy tongue seemed thirsty for Leena's blood. Leena held out until the last second then inhaled deeply. She directed all the air straight into her cleavage which puffed up to massive size absorbing all the energy of Verity's attack and sending her bouncing back landing ungracefully on her belly.

Verity's eyes lit up in anger. As she got up she felt another surge of power ripple through her body. Red and black sparks ran across her body as her muscles seemed to expand turning her silhouette into a bulging mess of flesh and muscles. She ripped a nearby rooftop AC unit out of the ground and threw it at her opponent.

Leena's big eyes widened as she saw the heavy object hurtling at her but it was too late to get out of the way. She frantically grasped for something to hold on to grabbing the antenna of a satellite dish with one hand and the top of the fire escape with the other. The metal cube hit her square in the torso getting wedged in between her massive cleavage and wide hips.

As she held on tightly the force of the impact pushed her over the edge stretching her arms longer and longer like a human slingshot. She clenched her teeth as it was getting harder and harder to hold on and, finally snapped back sending the heavy steel cube back the way it came.

Despite the projectile's weight Leena's shot came back faster and more accurate than Verity expected so, when she tried to jump out of the way at the very last moment it still grazed her by the temple. The monstrous girl was sent flying, her curves and muscles jiggling as she landed a couple of feet back. She felt the impact of the blow but wasn't seriously hurt so, she quickly got back up her eyes flaring up a fiery red. A pair of bat wings sprouted from her back that would've been cute if she weren't a furious blood thirsty monster by now.

She flew up far over Leena's head circling the building trying to confuse her opponent, lashing at the heroine with her tongue. Leena's legs and hips remained firmly on the ground as she followed the vampire girl's every move rotating only her upper body to keep facing her.

Her torso coiled up around the waist putting more and more tension on her elastic skin and pliable toon flesh. Verity circled Leena a few times and, didn't notice in her wrath that she was helping rather than hurting the super heroine until it was too late.

Leena's wound up torso started to bulge as the pressure inside her kept building and, she had to hold on tightly to her hips in order for her body to not uncurl.

As Verity swooped in to attack Leena loosened the tension in her body shouting, "Helicopter punch!" She started spinning faster and faster extending her fists as she turned into a human hurricane. Verity struggled to keep up her flight path in the face of the wind Leena was generating and, as she approached tried to evade her flurry of fists.

She decided to abort her attack mid flight and just wanted to get out of range. However as she spun faster and faster Leena's body gave way to the forces she was unleashing and gradually started to deform stretching out more and more. An elongated arm coming from an unexpected angle dealt a hard blow to Verity's side just when she thought she was safe. Verity careened into the glass front of an office building and sailed to the ground in an explosion of tiny glass shards.

Leena forced herself to stop spinning which wasn't the easiest thing to do and, gave her body a good flex and squeeze as she returned to her regular form. She carefully approached the edge of the roof in case Verity came back but, when she looked down all she could see was a pile of shards on the ground with the vampire gone. Minutes later the sun came up so, at least for now she could be sure there was no risk of Verity returning. Relieved Leena returned to her apartment to change into her civilian clothes. However she knew that she hadn't seen the last of this vampire threat.
Leena aka Fleximatrix's night watch takes an unexpected turn as she comes to blows with :icontoolboxsam:'s vampire gal, Verity!
I cowered back against the door as Andrea staggered toward me holding that massive syringe in her right hand and pressing her left on the jack hammer lying on a table among the assorted collection of random objects in her lab. For the second time I witnessed the scientist's power to merge with objects. As her hand touched the cold metal her skin seemed to expand enveloping the heavy piece of machinery. Andrea stopped for a moment gasping as her brain rewired itself to allow for a new set of abilities. The massive bulge in her hand vanished as she completely absorbed the jack hammer into her body.

She wasted no time putting it to work. Her right arm, still holding the syringe started to change. Her forearm seemed to grow incredibly skinny while, at the same time the diameter of her bicep grew and the shape of her arm became perfectly cylindrical. Then, like parts of a machine her forearm started rapidly moving back and forth! She was taking on the properties of that jack hammer she absorbed. With a horrible clicking sound she repeatedly shoved the syringe in her hand toward me getting faster and faster as she closed in on me. There was a mad grin on her face and, I ducked down smaller and smaller wishing I could somehow vanish on the spot.

As Andrea was closing in on me there was nowhere I could run but forward. So, in a desperate attempt I leaped--and, to my surprise I easily cleared her entire height soaring over her head and to the center of the room! As I touched down I wondered if  my  legs had gotten longer all of a sudden? There was no time to think about that tho as Andrea turned around fast and came running at me! Again I backed away finding myself at the end of an ever narrowing corridor with tables to my left and right.

This time she had me cornered for good! Her jack hammer arm was running at full speed now ready to inject that horrible stuff into me with great force. She wasted no time taking aim and jabbed the needle right into my chest. My eyes widened as the venomous liquid entered my body and, Andrea finally backed off with a satisfied smile on her lips. She stepped aside letting me stagger forward as I entered a state of shock.

"What.. what are you doing to me?" I cried out as I lifted my hand to get a good look at it. I felt like I was melting from the inside as I found it harder and harder to hold my hand up like that. Then I felt something inside me snap and, I watched in horror as my arm started to slide down my sides from my shoulder. It slid down my waist and hips and, down my leg until it hit the ground. "Please Andrea.. make it stop!" I shrieked as my other arm came loose as well. Then I lost control of my legs as my torso somehow dislodged itself and oozed to the ground in between my legs. I was melting into a puddle!

Helplessly I tried stretching my neck to keep a good view of what was happening to me.. but, a few moments later it disintegrated and my head started to merge with my chest. My face slid down across my ample cleavage and toned belly until it became part of the flesh colored puddle on the ground. The rest of my body followed forming a small pond of skin colored liquid with my face somehow staying intact and floating on the surface.. All I could see now was up, with Andrea towering over me to wait and see what happens. My eyes and mouth drifted back and forth awhile then I blacked out.

I couldn't say if I was out for an hour or a week but, when I woke up the first thing I saw was Andrea staring down at me note pad in hand. I wiggled my fingers and toes and, running my hand down my side and legs I was relieved to find my body seemingly solid and fully intact. I sat up straight finding myself naked on a make shift bed in Andrea's lab where she had stacked a couple of table clothes for me to lie on.

My first reaction was disbelief "What happened..? I was having the worst nightmare.. you attacked me with that massive syringe.. and, I melted? I must have blacked out right here in your lab--sorry if I'm causing any trouble!" Andrea listened intently "Your memory seems intact--that is exactly what happened. Your body has restored to its default form and, you should be back to full health by now." I shook my head as the realization started to sink in "Back to full health? You're kidding me right? People don't just melt and wake up fine--you did something to my head didn't you!!" I stood up backing away from the scientist once more. She was making me doubt more and more what was real and what wasn't.. and, making me feel really uneasy.

"Don't you see Miss Hall? The combination of your adrenaline rush caused by my threatening behavior and that nerve agent I administered, activated your dormant powers! You were out for more than two hours.. but, your subconscious has been working away changing the molecular make up of your body to suit its needs!" This, made no sense to me. How could my subconscious do any kind of work while I was out cold? Andrea continued to explain "Going by my data the exact nature of your ability is hard to predict.. versatile and flexible. You might not even have full control of your new found powers leading your subconscious to take over for you. In fact I want to conduct a few tests with you if you don't mind." My expression turned sour. "Actually I do mind Andrea! Now open that lab door and let me go--and, just so you know I'm a law student ready to sue you into the ground for this madness!"

Andrea remained calm. "Watch this!" She said. Using her jack hammer enhanced right arm to power up the shot she chucked a baseball at me too fast for me to even see it coming. However by the time I realized I should have been hit square in the face I noticed I'd caught it with my right hand! She threw another ball before I had a chance to look back up. Again seemingly automatically my left hand moved in to catch it! Totally confused I was still holding them in my hands when she threw a third just a second later! "Argh!" I felt a sharp pain in my chest. Did she hit me this time? When I looked down I couldn't believe what I saw. A third arm had burst out from in between my ample cleavage to catch the ball. It was fleshy and misshapen but, it had done the job. For a second I just stared in shock. The extra arm stirred and twitched but, I found I could move it just like my other arms. "God dammit that hurt like a bitch!" I said the newly grown limb retracted back in between my breasts with a crunching sound.

Andrea nodded. "Yes this is exactly what I expected to happen.. your power is very raw and unrefined by this point. You're going to have better control over it as you keep practicing. That last part, was fascinating.." She scribbled down a note and, proceeded her testing.

I had barely recovered from the revelation when she kicked a massive rolling table at me. As the heavy piece of furniture made its way toward me I found myself backed against the wall once again. I gasped instinctively taking a deep breath and, somehow redirecting the air straight into my cleavage. My chest bounced up to massive size with a toonish sound forming a soft cushion to protect me from the impact. My eyes widened in surprise as I felt the table coming to a halt a good three or four feet from my body and, rebounding almost sweeping Andrea off her feet in the process.

She barely managed to move out of the way giving me a reprimanding look "Careful there Miss Hall! I'm not trying to hurt you--well.. technically I am but, according to my calculations you should be fine. So, there is no need to fling tables at me." I was about to jump at her throat in a fit of rage and confusion but, my enormously expanded chest was in the way. So, instead I tried to calm down and exhale gladly noting my super human bust size was going back down to normal as the excess air left my body.

The scientist seemed pleased for now. She put her hand on the table and, a bulge started to form expanding into the outline of a jack hammer and, receding to release the object from her body. "I think I've got you figured out Miss Hall. Your abilities are unique--and, quite interesting." I knew I should feel special being told this but, really I just felt overwhelmed and helpless. "You may be right.. but, how come you have full control over your powers and I don't?" She smirked. "Haven't you been paying any attention? You could have figured that out  yourself by now. I am going to call your ability subconscious adaptation but, you might find it easier to understand if I'd just tell you your survival instinct has been honed to perfection." Even paying close attention this was hard for me to grasp.

Andrea continued to scribble into her note pad as she spoke. "You are a countermorph! Basically your subconscious has full access to your body configuration--by circumventing your thought process you are able to react superhumanly fast, and your body will produce the perfect answer to any situation you might face. It's ingenious really--this ability, makes you pretty much unbeatable in any kind of competitive scenario! From this day onward you Miss Hall, are better than anyone else so you better embrace that."

I didn't know what to say. What Andrea was telling me sounded incredible but, I couldn't help but think I was the freak result of some mad science experiment. "So.. how much of the real me is still left? Am I some kind of mutant now?" For the first time Andrea had a genuinely concerned look on her face. "Don't worry Sasha.. all of this is you. One hundred per cent. You've always had it in you.. you just needed a bit of a kick start to fully realize your potential! You are very special Miss Hall and, from this day on I swear I will help you grow and develop your powers.. all of this, will be treated strictly confidential of course."

"Wow all of this is a bit much.." I said as I finally worked up the courage to just run. Despite the good news she was still a crazy person for all I cared and, given she'd been trying to kill me I didn't feel like  staying in this creepy lab another second. I shoved Andrea aside--I never asked for this--all I wanted was to get out of here! As I darted for the door I braced myself getting ready to smash it open and escape. I leaped but, to my surprise my charge never connected! Mid air I could feel my body change as I flattened like a squeezed out tube of tooth paste. Within a split second I turned almost two dimensional and slipped through under the closed door.

On the other side I inflated back to my old self with a soft popping sound. I had no idea what just happened and, disoriented for a moment I got my bearings and continued my escape. Running up the stairs and out into the road I noticed my legs getting longer and longer with each step helping me get away faster than even Andrea's car could go. My body took an angular streamlined shape and I arrived on campus in no time. All of these changes happened without my input. They just.. happened, without me even noticing at the time. Creepy as she was the scientist was right--my subconscious seemed to know just exactly what needed to be done and, made these changes for me.

I returned home out of breath slamming the door shut behind me. Tears ran down my face as I caught a glimpse of my super humanly long legs in the mirror just before shrinking down to a size more suitable for the low ceiling of my apartment. I dropped into my bed exhausted and distressed. I was scared of what Andrea had done to me and, what she might be planning to continue her tests on me. On the other hand I had much to learn to work with these new found powers of mine. From this day onward.. everything was going to change.
Sasha Hall: The Return Part 2
Sasha's Origin Story concludes as she finds out the truth about her powers and escapes the grasp of her cruel scientist captor!
It was a breezy summer night as I was making my way through the suburbs. Yes I did feel bad for leaving Erin out in the rain on our weekly girl's night, but this was a matter of great importance. Ever since that mad scientist Ms. Ventucci scanned me with her weird device and seemed to flip out when she took the readings I knew I had to go back and talk to her. Whatever it was she had seen there I felt it had to be something important about me, and I wanted to find out what it was.

I was walking because my long toned legs tended to take me places faster than any car could--and, as it started to rain I picked up the pace until I was running making for a good late night work out. I put my light blue long coat over my head to shield myself from the rain--other people might tire quickly from this sort of thing, but I never seemed to run out of energy. Erin sometimes claimed my seemingly inexhaustable strength and constitution made her feel uncomfortable at times, but I usually explained it away by way of my intense workout regimen as a pro gymnast.

Even from the street corner I could see the scientist's front door was wide open, so I darted inside. Coming in from the dark of night an array of bright lights almost blinded me as I entered--the hallway and living room were lit up not just by the regular light bulbs, there were several arrays of flood lights scattered around the place as well one of them hitting me right in the face. I almost tripped, dropping my coat. "Arrrrrgh! Why is it so bright in here!!" As I leaned against the wall to get used to the brightness I noticed a scrap of paper taped to the basement door.

"Welcome Ms. Hall! Please do come in, I might just need your assistance again. Will probably be in my basement lab." the mysterious note said. "What the hell.." I whispered as I ran my finger down the piece of paper, picking it off the door and cautiously descending the stairs. The basement was illuminated even more brightly than the ground floor--everything was a bright white from the walls to the tables and tools scattered around the place. There was no trace of the scientist though. "Andrea Ventucci? I'm here to ask about those readings you mentioned...." I shouted out hoping she would hear me. As I looked around the room I noticed another slip of paper on a table close to the door. "If you are reading this I am unable to talk to you right now. Please change the bulb and switch on the UV emitter at the center of the laboratory." These notes were making me feel uneasy. Did that scientist write them? And, how did she know I'd be here to hit that switch?

Anyway there was what looked like a massive bug zapper in the middle of the room. I reluctantly walked toward it but nothing seemed to happen so I continued. I brushed my hand against a table and accidentally pushed off a set of marbles sending them clattering on the floor. "Why are those even here?" I muttered to myself picking them back up one by one. There were all sorts of random objects lying around. As I strode across the room I could make out a fan, various pieces of cutlery and, even a jack hammer. When I reached the bug zapper thing I noticed a couple of light bulbs next to it--one of them was marked "This one." I took the old bulb out and screwed the new one in which immediately bathed the room in a cold blue light. I could hear someone groan behind one of the desks, and ran to look.

The last part of the way was blocked by a long row of tables so, rather than circling all the way around I just stepped over one of them utilizing my awesomely long legs, taking care not to disturb the piles and piles of notes scattered around this part of the lab. On the ground behind the desk I could make out a wrist watch lying on its side facing away from me. Its entire surface was a uniform color and, I could have sworn it had what looked like a scar running along its back side. I reached out to pick it up but, jerked back as it suddenly twitched.

I circled around to get a better look at the watch and, was astonished to see instead of a watch face I saw that of a woman! Rather than a set of watch hands I was staring into a pair of beautiful green eyes, high cheek bones and a set of thin wide lips realizing the latte color of the watch was in fact the color of her skin! I recognized those eyes--they belonged to the very scientist I'd met a couple of days before!

"Ms. Ventucci I presume?--What's going on here?" I said as I reluctantly moved in again to get a better look at the watch when it started to talk. "You are completely right--I am Andrea Ventucci, brilliant scientist extraordinaire! I'm deeply sorry for the inconvenience but, it seems you got ahold of me at an inconvenient time for either of us. Now if you could carefully place me next to the UV light I would be pleased to carry on this conversation once I've recovered." I was mesmerized for a moment by the fact that the tiny yet gorgeous face on that watch was in fact talking to me yet still lying sideways on the floor seemingly unable to move. As I picked her up carefully I could feel her soft smooth skin on my hands.. it was like a blend of a young woman's well groomed skin and the glossy plastic of a cheap watch. However Erin had told me a couple of days ago she'd been saved by a real life super heroine so, I decided to save questions for later. These were strange times we were living in that was all I needed to know.

The watch was wiggling in my hand--she seemed to be stretching her limbs as if she hadn't moved in a while. As I ran my finger down her straps Andrea's scar felt rougher than the rest of her smooth form.. I realized I hadn't gotten a good look at her the first time we met having chased me away after just a few minutes of talking. So, as I delicately set her down face up on a table near the center of the room I stepped back and waited to see what was going to happen.

For a few seconds neither of us moved. Andrea's small form seemed to be absorbing UV rays from the lamp then opened her mouth as wide as she could taking a few deep breaths. She was focusing it seemed. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth as her form started to change. Her latte colored straps elongated and grew thicker, splitting apart at the ends and forming into a hand and foot each. At the same time her face seemed to burst out from the confinement of the flat and circular watch face, inflating to the familiar three dimensional shape of a human head and sprouting a head of long dark hair. When she opened her green eyes again there was a fire to them..  she was excited to be returning to her original form.

Her limbs separated down the middle seeming for a moment like her arms and legs grew straight out of the base of her head. Then her torso started to form pushing her limbs apart. A pair of small but firm breasts popped up as her body gained more and more definition and her transformation seemed to near its completion. Her arms and legs moved from the way they had been stretched out sideways like watch straps into their natural place pushing her up into a standing position, hips and shoulders locking into place with a slight crack.

Andrea gave a little moan as the last of her joints formed and locked into position. As she was slowly regaining her human shape I had to stop and stare--she was growing into a tall woman but, what's more she had to be the skinniest person I had ever seen! The lines of her rib cage and hip bone were clearly visible and, with her thin long legs she couldn't help but remind me of a stilt walker. She must have noticed my stare and swiftly replied, "You know working long hours down here in my lab I tend to forget about trivialities such as eating or sleeping.. what's important to me is my work. But, I'm not the one who matters right now."

Her transformation complete she jumped off the table and had a look around the lab. As she turned away to grab her lab coat from a nearby chair for a split second I could make out a massive scar running all the way down her spine--then she put the coat on quickly covering her back as if to hide it. She turned back around to face me as her embarrassed expression quickly turned into a friendly smile. She held her fist out slowly opening it to reveal a black plastic wrist watch in her hand the exact shape she had been just a minute ago. "I know what you're thinking.. and, you're right I just shape shifted right in front of your eyes!" I took a step back. Remembering again how Erin told me she'd met a super heroine a little while ago, I still found it hard to believe in super human feats like that. There had to be some sort of trickery involved with Andrea's transformation.

She continued to explain "I know that there is a hidden potential stored away in some of us. I have worked long and hard on a way of releasing it conducting experiments on myself for years resulting in.. that scar you just saw, among other things." She covered her back with her other hand in shame. "But, as you can see I am steadily making progress releasing my potential! As you probably noticed my ability is to absorb any object and merge with it.. but, my power is still weak and I can only ever bond with one such object at a time.... and, so far it's mostly just small ones. I have been working on house hold appliances and vehicles lately but, yielding little success so far."

"My ability feeds off light--UV rays in particular but, as you might have noticed when you arrived the bulb burned out leaving me helplessly trapped down here. The form of a watch I was in, was too small and weak to get myself out of this basement and use the light of the sun or some other source to turn back. I've been lying here like that for days! Good thing a body that size doesn't need to eat or drink much.. still I don't think I could've held on much longer. So, thanks for saving my life this night! I might be able to change yours forever as well."

Taken aback by that torrent of information I had been listening couriously to Andrea's seemingly insane rambling but, now I gathered all my courage and interrupted her rudely. "So what's all this got to do with me?" She stopped and had another look at me as if she'd forgotten who she was even talking to. As she realized who I was a wide grin appeared on her face. "You Miss Hall, are of special importance to my project. In fact you might be the most important person to ever exist!" I didn't manage to hide my expression of growing interest. "Please go on!"

Andrea rushed to one of the desks covered in notes and print outs. She leafed through a pile of paper and, a few moments later produced a page full of numbers. "What's this?" I asked cocking my head. "This Miss Hall, is evidence that you're special! It's the readings I took the first time you came here." I couldn't believe what the scientist was telling me! "So.. will I be able to merge with objects just like you do? From what I've seen that sounds.. kinda sucky." Andrea laughed. "Not at all.. you see according to my research everyone's locked potential is different! And, your readings indicate the highest potential I have ever seen.. so, while there's no telling what you'll be able to do once I unlock it I'm sure your power will be unmatched. You might change the world--revolutionize the limits of everything humanity has achieved! Just think this might be the most important moment since the moon landing."

My eyes widened first in interest then in fear as I realized what she just said. "Unlock it? What do you mean.. are you going to perform experiments on me?" She grabbed a huge syringe filled with a clear liquid from the table. "Just one Miss Hall.. and, it won't hurt a bit! This mild nerve toxin, will help your body relax giving your subconscious an opportunity to take over and reconfigure yourself to match your new found powers!" As she menacingly stepped closer and closer I dropped all my pretenses of courage and turned to run.

I tried opening the door as I ran but, it didn't budge so I bumped against it almost knocking myself out. Andrea didn't seem surprised at my escape attempt. "That door, was programmed to lock right after you came in! There's no way out of here before I'm done--you see I need to know what you're capable of!" She seemed more sinister with each step she took as she pointed the syringe at me "Of course I expected you to run Miss Hall.. still I implore you--try not to put up a fight! This is for your own good!" She said as she reached for the jack hammer..
Sasha Hall: The Return Part 1
Who'd have thought going back to Andrea's lab was going to be a bad idea! Turns out Ms. Ventucci is just as mad as Sasha and Erin thought.

Finally got my old editor back--thank you so much for making these stories awesome Packs! Decided to end this one on a cliff hanger so, part 1 is centered on Andrea and her lab with part 2 covering the origin story of Sasha's powers.


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