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Over the next few days I locked myself into my room for most of the time, trying to get my powers under control. Minimizing the possibility of outside interference I set to work trying to trigger any transformations.. for now I was going to count it as a success whenever I managed to stay conscious rather than passing out from the pain.

I tried every trick in the book. Starting with what I knew best I launched into a gymnastics routine unlike any I'd ever done before. I did everything as badly as I could--trying to botch up in a way that was guaranteed to end in injury. First I went into a split. That, was a very difficult position to keep up and I wanted to see how far I could go. It felt easier than ever before and, to my surprise took no effort at all! I tried lifting my legs higher going into an oversplit, holding on to my shins and lifting my feet up to the level of my chest then shoulders! I let go and gently pushed my legs up higher and higher.. they continued until my feet went past my head and met at the top! This, was incredible. Even better I felt I didn't even have to keep my balance.. my newly gained instincts seemed to keep me perfectly level no matter what I did. I could feel my pelvis bones shifting to keep me up giving a slight crack once in a while, sending pulses of pain through my body but I was so excited I barely even felt them.

As I pulled my legs back down and put them flat on the ground behind and in front of me I realized I could freely spin them around.. my body seemed to accommodate for any kind of movement I was thinking about. I managed to stay in a split position even as I swung them to my sides then switched them around so my left leg was behind me and the right one was in front. It barely hurt this time around but, I noticed a fine web of veins appearing on my thighs the more I rotated my legs around.

With a smug grin on my face I started twisting my waist. Putting my hands firmly on the ground I pushed myself slowly into a rotating movement. My waist seemed to shrink by a couple of inches first then twist as easily as silly putty! I just kept turning around finishing a half turn then a full 360 degrees! The more my waist twisted up the more veins started to extend from it crawling up and down my torso. It took me another one and a half turns to realize.. as they came up my chest my eyes widened in disgust. Gross! I thought and let go at once.. resulting in my upper body snapping back! My head, arms and chest violently spun around as my waist uncurled fast. I tried to hold on to my bed as I swung by but, it whizzed past to fast! Two and a half turns later my elastic waist overshot it's default position and went the other way then back again, rocking back and forth until it ran out of steam. By the time I stopped moving I felt so dizzy I was about to throw up.. but, the feeling was gone moments later.

It took me a few seconds to realize the implications my new powers might have on my gymnastics career. "This.. is amazing!!" I shouted as I leaped back to my feet ready for my next experiment. "So forcing my body gently, results in a transformation I can control.. and it doesn't even hurt too bad! Let's see what happens when I go faster!"

I grabbed a pencil and laid down on my back. This, was the most dangerous experiment so far but I knew I had to do it.. just to see what would happen. I held my breath as I lifted it above my toned abs like a wooden stake. Narrowing my eyes and clenching my teeth I stabbed down aiming for my belly button until I felt it hit the floor below me. An intense sting of pain surged through my abdomen making me think I did end up stabbing myself! Lifting my head to see however revealed that my flesh had receded from where the pencil hit forming a misshapen hole at the center of my belly lined with veins. It wasn't a pretty sight but, the pencil hadn't even touched my skin!

As soon as I pulled it back out the hole closed and my skin sealed up like it'd never been there in the first place. "This is so cool" I thought lying down on my bed to consider the possibilities.

Erin would come into my room regularly to eat with me and check up on my progress.. I did notice however that she wasn't telling me alot about what was going on outside.. that is how she was spending her days. She would avoid my questions asking to test my powers instead. "So what happens if I poke your the ribs like this?" She joked as we were having dinner at my desk. As she jutted her finger close to my torso I felt a sting in my chest! Time seemed to slow down as I realized my body was changing again. My breasts started to move on their own, growing and moving apart as they became bigger and firmer as well as alot more veiny then, a split second later snapped closed trapping Erin's hand in between them with a loud clap!

My red headed friend cried out in surprise but, luckily seemed unhurt. As soon as I worked out what I had done I forced my hands into the crack between my rock hard boobs trying to force them apart. "I am so so sorry Erin.. I guess getting on my nerves like that is out for now--not like that's a bad thing.." I joked as I finally managed to free Erin's hand. As soon as she moved her arm away I could feel my body relax and go back to it's original state. Erin was trying hard to suppress a grin. "I'm not even mad.. that, was awesome Sasha! And, if my calculations are correct you should be able to repel attacks much stronger than my little incursion there."

She carefully put her arm around my shoulder both of us giving a sigh of relief as my body failed to attack her this time. She pulled me close to her and hugged me tightly. For the first time I felt in full control of my new found powers.. I forced the idea that Erin wasn't a threat all the way into the back of my mind. My form stayed unchanged even as Erin's embrace pulled me in, my small waist squeezing in snugly into the cleavage of her short and curvy body. Even as her delicious strawberry scent surrounded me I knew that my body would never again lash out at her.. I felt strong enough to tell my subconscious to resist. I'd have to see if that would always be the case but, with Erin I was sure I would never hurt her again.

As I reluctantly let go several minutes later I felt invigorated. She seemed excited as well "Let's go downstairs Sasha there's something I need to show you!" She almost jumped up and down with joy as she took my hand and led me to the kitchen. "But first.. there's something I've been wanting to ask you all week! See all the way up on that cabinet.. our cookie jar's all the way back there in the corner you know. And, I can't get it back down! You aren't even tall enough to reach but, I'm sure you can make yourself get up there somehow." I could see in her eyes she wasn't really interested in the cookies but rather getting to see more of my shape shifting.

"Who even put them up there in the first place?" I asked shooting her a stern look. Erin averted her eyes. "I did.. during my last candy binge. Actually went and borrowed the neighbors's ladder just so I could put it somewhere I wouldn't reach." I chuckled "And you want them back now for what reason?" She made a puppy dog face "Well that binge is over now.. I feel like I could have a cookie.. or two." I grinned. "Well aren't you ever a crafty one? I know exactly what you want to see.. but, it's not that easy you know. I can't make myself change just like that--it just sort of happens, usually when ever I'm in danger of getting hurt." Erin's eyes narrowed. "Well you are going to get hurt if you don't get those cookies down here right now!"

Even Erin's joke threat seemed to have some effect. Another wave of pain went through my body like lightning! "It's--urk--working Erin!!" I managed to blurt out as the bones in my legs gave a loud crack then started to stretch! That, had to be what broken bones felt like I thought as they splintered and reformed again and again bringing me closer to the high ceiling of our kitchen. A few seconds later my head was level with the top of our cabinet and I could see the cookie jar all the way in the back. As I tried to move over I felt like walking on stilts almost falling over and flailing like mad.. Erin reached up to try and grab me by my waist and keep me upright.

"I got it!" I screamed and, as I tried to raise the jar up above my head in triumph I finally lost my balance and toppled over backwards. Tall as I was there was no way Erin could get a good grip of me as I plummeted past her but, again I felt a sharp pain before I even hit the ground! Another pair of legs sprouted from my butt and stopped the fall catching me in an almost horizontal position! Erin laughed as I realized I couldn't get up by myself. I handed her the cookie jar and unceremoniously rolled over lifting me off my newly grown pair of legs and dumping myself on the tiled floor. Seconds later those extra limbs pulled back into my body and my original legs shrank back down as well so, I was finally able to get back up to my feet!

As I rose back to my full height Erin seemed to be waiting for something else to happen. "So aren't you going to shrink all the way back down to your original size?" My red headed friend wanted to know. "Why that is my default size.." I replied looking down my body trying to find anything wrong with it. Erin, who was very good at estimating heights replied "You used to be 6'1.. and now you're easily 6'10!" My eyes widened in surprise! I must have changed gradually over the past week.. now that Erin mentioned it I noticed a few other things as I walked up to a nearby mirror. "You're right! My legs are longer.. and, my muscle tone seems to have increased as well! And, did I always used to have an hourglass figure like that?" I wondered out loud staring at my sizable cleavage and small waist.

Erin was impressed "You've gone through a lot of little changes.. it's subtle but it's there! It's like your subconscious took everything that worked about your appearance.. and turned it even more perfect!" She moved in closer to get a better look at the details. Running her hand down my shoulder and arm she was in for another surprise. "Your skin is flawless! Seriously look at this!" She held up her phone and activated the flashlight app, its cone of light hitting my skin like a spot light. The reflection was as bright as if she were shining it at the mirror. "You feel as smooth as glass or rubber Sasha! This is amazing!" She was clearly having a hard time letting go of my skin it felt that good to the touch.

Looking even closer Erin noticed a subtle pattern of veins creating subtle blue streaks deep under my skin. "I know.. these tend to turn up whenever a transformation sets in for me. I guess if my default form has changed permanently I'll have to get used to them! At least they're not as noticeable as the ones I get along with bigger changes." I couldn't believe Erin actually looked happy to hear that! "It's a rad look Sasha. I like you so much better this way! Saves you the trouble of getting a badass tattoo I guess. Now.. I mentioned I was going to show you something right? Maybe it's time to step outside and take a look!" She firmly grasped my small waist and pushed me out into the back yard.

I couldn't believe my eyes.
Sasha Hall: Shape Shifting 101
So becoming a shape shifting super human is easy right? Well Sasha doesn't seem to think so as she finds herself at the start of a long journey exploring the possibilities and dangers of her new found powers. And, what might Erin be up to?


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